April 30, 2008

“free art” logo.

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OPEN MEDIA STUDIO is hosting an event in collaboration with ISMS. We will have demonstrations on street art, how to dumpster dive, radical gardening, ARTchive cd swap and more.

We are currently working on a logo for the event. I designed this logo with the use of a familiar composition of the sun rays used in the free Tibet campaign.

I was keeping the the “free art” flag and patches in mind.  We can easily work with the color of the logo and use the fabrics that we found dumpster diving the other day and paint in the words with black paint. I think it would be sweet if the template was the same and everyone used their own creative freedom with the background color choice. We can keep our identity.


April 21, 2008


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Denver Open Media, cd swap.

Denver Open Media – cd swap

I created 16 cds of the same mix and traded with other people from the community. It was a fun idea of meeting new people from the community and getting new tunes out of it. As far as the music, there a handful of the cds that I really enjoy listening to, some mediocre and just a few with a thumbs down.

April 7, 2008

a triptych.

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This triptych was inspired by a trip to Austin TX, where I found myself mesmerized by bird niches. The birds were gathered in massive numbers in the tree tops.

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