January 30, 2009

Vine Street chalkboard

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Bee Eaters at Vine Street

Bee Eaters at Vine Street

Vine Street Pub! three small birds on branch with blossoms!

see the board in person at 1700 Vine Street..


January 12, 2009

IRUS :: Photography Collaboration

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For a part of the IRUS project, I am working on a photo collaboration with Morehshin, a very talented DMS grad student at DU. This picture is one of my photographs from my portion of the project. We started by choosing five universally familiar words; which are: entertainment, comfort, fashion, warmth, and security.  Morehshin (Iran) and I (U.S.) have taken our individual concepts of the words and artistically expressed them with our own interpretation, via photography. After our photos were developed and printed we swapped pictures to add another element of dialog. We each covered the pictures with transparency paper and we drew on top of the image to add our own cultural influence on the others’ pictures.  Finally, we are sending the five words to the Iran team, asking them to interpret the words in any medium they wish.

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