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Two teams of artists, one in Tehran and another in Denver, have assembled under one name: IRUS (Iran – United States). Starting with our mutual respect for art, we intend to establish collaborative projects between our groups. Using the theme of “Dialogue,” it is our attempt to present the perspectives of each group in a respectful, trusting and encouraging manner. In this process, we are not only developing art, but also participating in a functional dialogue with each other as artists and individuals. We are using the stories of Scheherazade and Mark Twain as a conceptual framework for the art which further promotes the exploration and cross fertilization of the two cultures.

This functional dialogue will manifest itself locally in conversations among individuals and globally through the modification of artwork by all the members of IRUS. A cultural dialogue will also take place by proxy through the stories of Iran and the United States. Through exhibiting our work and documentation of the process, we will extend our dialogue to the public.

Both teams consist of artists proficient in various mediums. Through collaborative interaction we plan to establish a much needed dialogue between our two nations. The project began when the artist community Kinda Collective approached Morehshin Allahyari on the possibility of working with the concept of intercultural art in Iran to confront the misconceptions between our cultures. After developing and refining a basic concept, developing a proposal, and gathering a team, Allahyari invited Negin Ehtesabian a Persian artist in Tehran, to form a team of artists. This Iranian team co-developed a proposal with Kinda Collective to present the works of this collaboration – a unique combination of painting, video art, drawings, photographs, software, and design – in Denver, followed by a show in Tehran in the summer of 2009.

Check out the website: irusrt.org


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